Aron DiBacco lives in New Hampshire and thinks about the natural world, the gifts and challenges of conflict, the ways we create our worlds through communication, how we do (or don’t) know what we know, and how to help move the world in the direction of inclusive equity. A particular and long standing interest is the question of how white people can move toward living with integrity inside a system that grants us pervasive unearned privilege.

She thinks about these things (in part) through teaching, facilitating dialogue, social science research, writing, volunteering to make her communities work, and spending way too much time on social media.

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Callie's Wag

Stories from the life of a rescued puppy mill mama and the second rescue, a puppy Charlie, who arrived seven months later. Dedicated to other stories about rescues as well, particularly those from puppy mills.

Oh, border!

dissolving lines in the world through understanding them

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CONTACT: theother.azzi@gmail.com __________________________ Welcome to all who are interested in engaging my views on the Middle East, on Islam, on being Muslim in America, and on issues of Conflict and Identity to an archive of my commentary as well as some selections of other work, comments and profiles. ______________________________ All content ©Robert Azzi 2022 / All Rights Reserved unless otherwise noted or attributed.

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Figuring it out together.

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Figuring it out together.

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